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For all Jak & Daxter OCs!
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Labyrinth Inspired Dress by Edhelin Labyrinth Inspired Dress :iconedhelin:Edhelin 12 5 Mettaton Speedpaint (Video in Description) by Edhelin Mettaton Speedpaint (Video in Description) :iconedhelin:Edhelin 15 3 Tears of a Mountain King by Edhelin Tears of a Mountain King :iconedhelin:Edhelin 11 3
The Phantom's Student Chapter 2
Chapter 2
All throughout the following day you thought about the mysterious man you met, the Phantom of the Opera. You dared not talk to anyone about him. People would either be worried about you or find you crazy; your friends included. Instead, you smiled all day, remembering the glorious music you heard last night. You also remembered how well you sang with his music. It was kind of nice to hear your voice like that, and perhaps with the Phantom's help, you could hear it again. The rest of the day went by quickly as you excitedly waited for the night to arrive.
That night, when you were sure that everyone in the room was asleep, you slipped out of bed and into your robe. Quietly, with a candle in your hand, you walked out of the room and down to the chapel. There you sat quietly, waiting to hear the Phantom's singing. You waited until midnight, but never heard a sound. Perhaps it was just a dream, you started to wonder. You had to be sure, so you got up and headed to the room with t
:iconedhelin:Edhelin 11 12
Character Swap Zombie by Edhelin Character Swap Zombie :iconedhelin:Edhelin 1 2 Elana Reference by Edhelin Elana Reference :iconedhelin:Edhelin 5 0 Elana by Edhelin Elana :iconedhelin:Edhelin 5 2
Character written swap: cold
Character Swap: Cold
Frost formed intricate designs in the cold window that Kali looked through. Her red eyes darted about, looking at the winter scene outside. A fresh blanket of snow covered everything, and long icicles hung delicately from the tops of buildings. People walked about with wrapped up packages and sipped warm drinks as they walked through the snowy streets. Kali hated this season, she hated this weather, she hated it all so much.
"I hate Christmas." She groaned to herself. She walked over to a chair and flopped down. "I hate this joy, I hate this cheer, and I HATE ALL THE EGGNOG PEOPLE DRINK!!!" She flicked a lock of her red hair out of in front of her nose. If she hated Christmas so much, she'd just have to stop it somehow. But how would she stop Christmas? It was but two days away. She stood up and flapped her wings in disgust.
RRIIINNNNGGGG!!!!! Chimed the doorbell.
"Oh, now who is it?!" Kali growled. She picked up he axe that laid beside the door and opened it to fi
:iconedhelin:Edhelin 2 2
Snow Fairies by Edhelin Snow Fairies :iconedhelin:Edhelin 1 1
The Phantom's Student Phantom(Erik) X Reader
The Phantom's Student
Phantom(Erik) X Reader
Chapter 1
If you had to describe yourself, you would say that you were just one of the many ballerina girls who lived in the Opera Popular dormitories. You had only a few people you would call friends, but you were pretty content with that. Singing had always been something you loved, but you usually sang quietly. This led some people to give you the nickname “Opera Mouse.”
The evening started like many others; after supper, you and Christine went down to the Chapel. While Christine would light a candle for her father, you simply sat beside her and enjoyed the peace and quiet.
“Well, I’m going to bed now,” Christine said as she stood up.
“I think I’ll stay down here a little longer, Christine,” you said with a smile. She was always so nice to you. Ever since you two met she was your closest and most trusted friend. She smiled back and walked out of the room.
You weren’t sure how long you
:iconedhelin:Edhelin 47 36
Talic by Edhelin Talic :iconedhelin:Edhelin 0 4
Jak'n Daxter OC Pageant Elana Round 3
1. Describe your outfit this round.
Well, I’ am wearing a black bikini top with gold trim and a black swimming skirt-thing that also has gold trim.
2. If you had one wish (besides wishing for more wishes), what would it be?
I would wish for my parents to be alive…or at least be able to see them once more so I can say my goodbye…
3. What are your hopes for the future?
To keep doing what I’m doing, and possibly start a family.
4. What kind of people do you surround yourself with?
People I’ve come to trust.
5. Do you have a lot of friends, or a select few?
I don’t have a ton of friends, but I have more than a few. A select few are really close; with the others are not-as-close friends.
6. Who are your friends?
Starting with the closest; Torn, Onin and pecker count as one, Tess, Samos, Ashelin, Talic (AUTHORS NOTE: Talic is another character I’m developing), Jak, and lastly Daxter.
7. Who are your enemies?
Alive or dead? Because Baron Praxis, and h
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Chibi Phantom by Edhelin Chibi Phantom :iconedhelin:Edhelin 30 16 Character Swap Flight by Edhelin Character Swap Flight :iconedhelin:Edhelin 2 2 Kurozilla by Edhelin Kurozilla :iconedhelin:Edhelin 4 2
A Shatered Past A Broken Life Ch1
A Shattered Past; A Broken Life.
(Our story begins about a year before Jak arrives in Haven City)
Chapter 1
Elana heaved a big sigh as she looked at the Hip-Hog Saloon. She wished she could just walk away from that place and never see its boss again, but she knew that there were good reasons behind her going to that bar. She clutched the package in her arms tightly as she walked through the door. The Hip-Hog, as usual in the early afternoon, was quiet; not even a bartender was working. Only one other person was in the room. He sat in a booth with a drink in his gloved hand and a helmet made from a Metal Head beside him. He took a swig of his amber colored drink and waved to Elana. She walked over and sat opposite of the man.
“Hi, Sig.” Elana made a weak smile. Sig was one of the few reasons she was able to bear these trips to the Hip-Hog.
“Hey Elana!” Sig beamed. “How’ve you been?”
“Fine, I guess.” Elana placed her package on the ta
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The newest of my art. Please check the rest out. Enjoy and please comment on my art


irwin on reflection by Pan-kuzu irwin on reflection :iconpan-kuzu:Pan-kuzu 21 10
If your commission are open on DA, read this
Don't let this site and its users treat you and your art like it's worth so little because it's not
you should not think it's fair to price your commission you spent HOURS AND HOURS to complete, between 5-10 USD or even less. 
If you are not getting enough commission, there is a high probability it's because of this site, not yours
How do i know that? because i LIVED that: 
i used to get a decent amount of commissions in this site but my prices were EXTREMELY LOW. Yeah, it was more than 2 years ago, but my highest price was less than 5 USD (fullbody) and i spent so much time for each of them. 
Until i discovered another site and from that day on stopped to work on commissions on dA and started to work exclusively on that site. 
The demand was high, the price of my commissions increased A LOT and in two years i probably gained something like 10 times more the money i could have gained here on dA.
That's right! so the only things left to do i
:iconbubachan-desu:Bubachan-desu 24 22
TEXTURES 63 by Inthename-Stock TEXTURES 63 :iconinthename-stock:Inthename-Stock 878 122 Skin and Lighting Pallet by emametlo Skin and Lighting Pallet :iconemametlo:emametlo 394 7 Beloved by Irulana Beloved :iconirulana:Irulana 374 17 Yo by Perfectlykawaii93 Yo :iconperfectlykawaii93:Perfectlykawaii93 61 4 Carry by Perfectlykawaii93 Carry :iconperfectlykawaii93:Perfectlykawaii93 89 7 The Dream Maker by LindaDraven The Dream Maker :iconlindadraven:LindaDraven 58 3 The Story Of The Umbrella by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov The Story Of The Umbrella by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 215 3 Before The Night Starts by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Before The Night Starts by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 207 2 Forest Perspective by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Forest Perspective by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 202 0 Glimpse To The Future by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Glimpse To The Future by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 223 1
The Scriven Inscribbler LIVES (SI#8)
:bulletblue::bulletblue:Promote Yourself!:bulletorange:Submitting Information:bulletorange:J&D Questions?:bulletblue::bulletblue:
How many of you remember way back when, when we used to have mini writing contests running regularly in this group?
Well, the good news is, whether you remember them or not, we've brought them back! Huzzah! :la:
That's right, you can now (or once again) take part in our mini writing contest, the Scriven Inscribbler! Quite possibly winning yourself some prizes in the process-but more on that in a bit ;)
About the Scriven Inscribbler:
As previously stated, the Scriven Inscribbler (SI) is a short writing contest. Each round is given
:iconjakanddaxter-oc-club:JakandDaxter-OC-Club 1 7
One fab robot [+Speedpaint] by Cokuro77 One fab robot [+Speedpaint] :iconcokuro77:Cokuro77 217 20 MettatonEx by NeonBeasT MettatonEx :iconneonbeast:NeonBeasT 13 1 Legend of Mana - Oddity Egg by keitaro1993 Legend of Mana - Oddity Egg :iconkeitaro1993:keitaro1993 1 0




I have not been on for ages. That is something I know. Therefore, I shall be working on a little renovation here. just, you know, moving things around and making this page a little better for the future so I can get my art out into the world and have all my artistic social sites on the same page.
  • Listening to: everything
  • Reading: only what I must
  • Watching: Once Upon a TIme
  • Playing: not much time with college
  • Eating: whatever
  • Drinking: tea. Lots of tea. All the tea in the world!


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Just an artist wanna-be
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United States
Hello everyone! I am Edhelin, a young aspiring artist. Coming this fall I will be an art student, and so I am constantly working to improve. Please, browse through my work, okd and new, and don't be afraid to talk to me!

(These aren't mine, but I really like them) Dancing Erik Icon :D by Little-rolling-bean :iconpotoglomp: Kirby Eats - stamp by Captain-AlbertWesker I love this Guy by Nehemaplz POTO Stamp by SPStitches STAMP: two best princesses and sisters by Somesenpai Mr. Spock by TanteTabata Meta Knight Run Stamp by Cozigiraffe We have tecnology... by Aletheiia90 Imagination stamp by NamiYami Free Princess Luna icons by TaviTurnip Precursor Orb Icon by ZoraSteam Jak II Pixel Icon by ZoraSteam The most accurate Classic Spyro Stamp ever made by RadSpyro FREE Bouncy Quilava Icon by Kattling FREE Icon / Avatar : Fluttershy by Sarilain Practice Random Acts by MotleyDreams Writers Stamp by VampsStock Reality Stamp by theonewhocanfly Auto destroy by DarkShad00w Books by empire539 'I like my world' Stamp by MotleyDreams Phantom of the Opera llama by museoda

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